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Leverage the community

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Rotterdam to become a fully circular city by 2050

Rotterdam, a city known for its dynamism, contemporary architecture and for being one of the largest ports in the world, has strong ambitions when it comes to the circular economy. The municipality wants circularity to be the city’s benchmark and aims to halve the use of fossil raw materials by 2030, and become a fully circular city by 2050.

Unleash opportunities of the region South Holland

The circularity ambition cannot be reached alone. That’s why the Municipality of Rotterdam is looking to create a wide ecosystem of companies, corporations and knowledge institutes in the city to forge new alliances with each other and jointly start circular projects. For entrepreneurs and pioneering companies working on circular initiatives, Rotterdam is the perfect place to test and scale solutions through collaborations. 

Global innovators test and scale solutions

There are already many initiatives and hubs around circularity in Rotterdam, including incubators such as BlueCity, PlantOne, and RDM. Now the challenge is to scale up these initial successes and ensure that circularity establishes as the norm. The key to creating a circular city is collaboration!

Your test site: europe’s largest port

Employing over 565,000 people and having 468 million tonnes of cargo shipped through it annually, Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port.

The Port Authority is able and willing to make an impact and so it is focusing on accelerating sustainability in the port and it is a partner in the digitalisation of the port and logistics chains. The Port Authority’s core tasks are the sustainable development, management and operation of the port, the maintenance of the smooth and safe handling of shipping and supporting the future resilience of the harbour industrial complex of Rotterdam. They are eager to work with promising startups to reduce their carbon footprint and lead the global revolution around sustainable ports.