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We are looking for startups and scaleups with solutions that can utilise industrial point source emissions from the harbour industrial complex of Rotterdam and convert them into high-value products in the domains of CO2 Mineralisation, Power-to-X and Food & Feed. By working together with promising startups and scaleups from around the world, the port of Rotterdam is positioning itself as a leading carbon utilisation hub. The region’s efforts include (but are not limited to) industrial point sources to building materials, chemicals & fuels and food & feed products.

Do you have a solution that utilises CO2 and are you eager to implement it in the Greater Rotterdam The Hague Area? Then this is the challenge for you!

The opportunities

CO2 Mineralisation


CO2 mineralisation is a process by which carbon dioxide transforms into solid minerals. We are looking for several practical applications such as building materials (concrete or cement), battery minerals and valuable carbonates like magnesium silicate and others.



Power-to-X is focused on conversion technologies that utilise CO2 to transform it into fuels and chemicals. This process allows for the creation of renewable carbon-based fuels and a range of chemical end products. Example outputs include syngas, methanol, ethanol, polymers and specialty chemicals.

Food & Feed


The goal of the Food & Feed domain is to utilise carbon as input in the transition to alternative proteins and their production process. This encaptures the production of microbial proteins by algae, bacteria or yeasts that use carbon as input in the fermentation process to create alternative proteins. Example outputs include alternative proteins for animal feedstock and/or for human food production.

What’s in it for you?

Startups accepted into this programme will receive:

  • Pilot opportunity with Netherlands-based industry leaders
  • Access to CO2 and H2 infrastructure and field labs to test and scale up your solutions
  • Investment opportunities from partners
  • Access to experts and network through 1-1 meetings with key ecosystem players
  • Partners in this challenge include: OCAP, AVR, Fieldlab Industrial Electrification, Chrysalix Venture Capital, Innovation quarter, Energy Transition Fund Rotterdam, among others.

Additional criteria

This is a global challenge that welcomes solutions from all over the world. Participation requirements are:

  • Solutions need to have a Technology Readiness Level equal or greater than 4 (TRL > 4)
  • Solutions must be related to CO2 or CO utilisation
  • Available to travel to the Netherlands to meet with the partners
  • Execution of the pilot in The Greater Rotterdam The Hague Area