Work towards increasing circular construction development to ensure long term sustainability of infrastructure in the province of South Holland.

Deadline passed

As part of Rotterdam Unlocked, we are looking for startups and scaleups that can contribute to making the Rotterdam region more circular through reducing the construction waste within the region. Rotterdam has the goal of becoming a zero-waste construction sector in the next 10 years


The Dutch government is working towards a 50% reduction in primary raw material use by 2030, and fully circular by 2050. As the region of Rotterdam is known as the world leader in modern architecture, it views the construction waste as an opportunity rather than just an environmental problem. The city’s construction waste, which consisted of 393,783 tonnes in 2015 according to the Circular Rotterdam report, provides huge potential to become renowned for making most of waste produced by the city’s heavy construction activities. With the largest port of Europe and a strong presence of designers and architects, Rotterdam has a huge potential to take the next step towards a circular city, closing the loop within the construction development process. 


To reduce waste in the construction development, it is as fundamental to find high-value destinations for waste that is already generated as it is to implement a new design of constructions that phases out waste generation throughout their lifecycle.


The Challenge

In the transition to a circular built environment, multiple solutions are needed. For the current challenge, we are looking for solutions in the following directions: 

Build: solutions for the design of circular constructions, such as the use of bio-based materials, reuse of hardwood, secondary raw materials, and circular business models

Renovate: solutions for existing buildings to become 100% circular, such as smart maintenance through IoT, lifetime extension, energy-efficient retrofitting, and modular components

Interior & Design: solutions for circular interiors, such as sharing platforms, energy saving systems, digital technologies, and smart materials

Planning & Logistics: solutions such as the tracing & tracking of materials, and match-making platforms for creating value out of underutilised assets, surplus capacity and used materials and components

Circular Building Challenge partners

Province of South Holland

The Province of South Holland is looking for startups and scale-ups that provide solutions for making the whole value chain of Solar (PV) panels more circular to connect them to their network of stakeholders.


Leidmotiv is looking for startups and scaleups within the interior and design sector that provide solutions ranging from more sustainable interior to facilitating the flexibility of interior to possibly collaborate on future projects.

Innovation Lighthouse

Innovation Lighthouse is looking for startups and scaleups that contribute to making buildings sustainable to possibly collaborate in future projects.

Connect with Rotterdamsche Vastgoed Maatschappij

Connect with Rotterdam Science Tower

Connect with Makdo Dentist


DentalMA is looking for startups with innovative solutions that contribute to the transition towards a circular built environment. The aim is to create long-term value for the construction industry by adopting new (bio-based) materials, modular components, smart maintenance and innovative circular business models.


  • Test and validate your solution with construction companies in the Rotterdam region
  • Potential pilot or co-development with one of the partners in their regional ecosystem
  • Financial support programs for compensation by Province and Municipality
  • Access to large network of circulair- and event specialists in Rotterdam Unlocked community
  • Access to network and funding possibilities by Unknown Group and VenturesOne




The deadline for applications is August 17.




We announce the selected startups at the beginning of September




Selected startups will be invited for one-on-one online introduction meetings taking place online during Unlocked from September 22-23.